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      1.   About us
        Ceo`s Note
        Job description

        Looking for a job where to go? Please go to the Jiangsu Province Huaqiang textile group. Huaqiang Group Department of Jiangsu province Nantong city industry 50 strong private enterprises, has a ring spinning300000 ingot, dyeing and finishing 3 production lines, with an annual output of various types of yarn more than 6 tons, realize annual produce 1200000000 yuan, profit tax 150000000 yuan. Is due to expand the scale of production ( three projects under construction ) to recruit the spinning car of 60 female workers ( journeyman preference ), equipment engineer10, assistant engineer 20(male or female ).

        Recruitment jobs:

        1, retaining workers,18-40 years old, above of junior high school culture, height 1.55 meters of above;

        2, equipment engineer,18-30 years old, above of culture;

        3, the auxiliary, the female of 45 years old, male within 50 years, primary school or above.

        4, the financial accounting of a male, have accountant card, above one year work experience, salary interview

        5, reserve managers ( large, secondary school students, cotton graduated )

        When the application needs to provide information:

        1, personal identity cards, academic certificates and a copy of the original.

        2, individual 1inch of photograph 4 pieces.

        Salary and welfare:

        1, frequency compensation: workers operating class12 hours rest24 hours monthly income of $1800-2500,12 hours of class work month income of $3000-3800. Equipment Engineer2000-2600element. Auxiliary work12 hours on24hour monthly income of $1600-2000, new engineering acts during the month income 950 yuan ( night fee).

        2, in line with the conditions once employ, sign labor contract and pay social insurance.

        3, pay the pressing piece form of settlement, in the second month25 days month wages paid. The work is full six months after reimbursement of one-way fare.

        4, the monthly payment of labor insurance products, and enjoy the Spring Festival and other holiday gifts and gynecological examination and treatment.

        5, the class to provide free work meal. On foreign workers, the company to arrange the dormitory, equipped with air-conditioning, water heater, separate toilet facilities.

        Huaqiang textile group salary, benefits, management of human nature, the dormitory Residence, Huaqiang group is the ideal place for you to obtain employment. Warmly welcome to join a person with breadth of vision.

        Company address: Jiangsu province Nantong city Haian Development Zone Xin Road No. 79

        Zip code: 226611     contact: Mr. Gu  Mr.Xu

        Contact tel:+86-13912400335183628019790513-82978100

        Web site: http: / / www.gfxstation.com  Email: hahqfz123@126.com

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