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      1.   About us
        Ceo`s Note

        Jiangsu Huaqiang Textile Group is a professional group enterprise engaged in producing and marketing cotton medium and high-count combed yarns, multicomponent blended yarns, differential and functional yarns, knitted fabrics, and high-grade fabrics, and in offering relevant services. Taking Nantong Huaqiang Cloth Industry Co., Ltd. (parent company) as core business unit, we strive to offer functional, ecological, technological, fashionable, green and differential yarns to high-count and high density cotton fabrics, multicomponent blended medium and high-grade woven fabrics, functional knitted underwear fabrics, health socks, and to offer cotton, multicomponent blended and functional medium and high-grade fabrics to high-grade casual clothes, well-known dyeing factories, home textiles, and etc.

        Nantong Huaqiang Cloth Industry Co., Ltd. and Nantong Huaqiang Technology Co., Ltd. are two professional yarn production bases of Huaqiang Group. They have 350,000 spindles, and they are capable of producing compact siro spinning yarn, compact spinning yarn, siro spinning yarn, ring spinning yarn, slubby yarn, stretch yarn, moisture absorption and sweat releasing yarn, rotor spinning yarn, and other yarns. Meanwhile, the two companies owns international advanced production equipment and detecting instrument. The combing capacity is more than 90%, and joint-free rate is 100%.

        Nantong Hongxia Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional fabric production base of Huaqiang Group. It owns advanced equipment, including 196 Toyota air-jet looms, 1 automatic warp drawing-in machine, 2 automatic sectional warping machines, 1 large sizing machine, thus it is capable of producing various medium and high-grade yarn-dyed fabrics, and developing various fabrics through special processes such as ammonia mercerizing, alkali mercerizing, antibacterial, odor-resistant, antifouling, waterproof, oil-proof, quick-drying, carbon sanding, sanding, napping, and etc. Our products cover cotton fabrics, polyester-cotton fabrics, cotton-linen interlacing fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics, soybean fiber fabrics, tencel fiber fabrics, cotton-cashmere blended fiber fabrics, cotton and cotton spandex interlacing fabrics, etc.

        Hai'an Huaqiang Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. is a professional dyeing and finishing base of knitted fabrics for Huaqiang Group. It owns 29 circular knitting machines, 4 supporting knitted fabric production lines, and advanced devices such as Monfongs setting machine (Germany), Hong Kong Lixin normal temperature and pressure dye vat, Italy Brazzoli high temperature dyeing machine, Taiwan Yaji high temperature and pressure dye vat, Singapore Lida and Taiwan Dayu circular knitting machines, etc.

        The group owns strong technical force, professional R&D center, and "engineering technology R&D center of Jiangsu province". Insisting on the development road of "lean production, branding, scale", adhering to the development direction of "establishing excellent textile base, leading the industry", the group is dedicated to applying new textile materials, developing new technologies and functional textiles, establishing "Beauty" brand". Our "Beauty" yarn is recommended as "the most influential brand" by China Cotton Textile Association.

        Huaqiang Group has developed new technologies, equipment, and working methods, thus it has made great contribution to the development of Chinese textile industry.

        Huaqiang Group is situated in Hai'an county of Nantong city, where enjoys sufficient energy, abundant raw materials, convenient transportation, and profound cultural background.

        We sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to visit us and talk over business for win-win!

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